Mastery Test 1
Part 1 - Behavior 101

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The word proactive is most often associated with what term on the Behavioral Timeline?
A contingency describes the relationship between the behavior and the:
In order to use only consequences to change behavior you need to:
Wait for the behavior to occur
Punish the behavior
Prompt the behavior to occur
Buy lots of M&Ms
Antecedents can function in several ways including the following:
As reinforcers
As punishers
As signals
As behaviors

Verbal or written statements that describe contingencies are called:
The behavior of others is an important antecedent in a teaching environment when:
It reinforces students for appropriate behavior
It follows a prompt or signal
It provides a model of behaviors that will be reinforced or punished
Behavior can not be an antecedent
An alarm clock is an example of what kind of antecedent event?
A prompt
A rule
A model
A signal
Person-based antecedent events:
Are sometimes called prompts
Can be verbal, gestural, or physical
Are helpful in teaching motor performances like cutting with scissors
All of the answers given are correct