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Observing and Describing Behavior

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Behavior refers to an organisms:
Pick an example of a behavior:
Consider the statement, "Jack spent his whole day fooling around." What would be a more measurable way of describing Jack's behavior?:
Ask Jack to describe his behavior
Count the amount of times Jack played computer games
Explain why Jack spent the day in this way
Describe how Jack spent his time.
What is an "inferred mental state?"
Observable behavior caused by an emotion
Saying that a person engages in a behavior because of observable mental conditions
An emotional illness
Saying that a person engages in a behavior because of something going on in his mind

Frequency, Latency, Duration, and Intensity are all:
Aspects of behavior that can be measured
Complex and difficult to measure
Found only in sports behavior
An example of latency would be:
How fast a student responds after a question is asked
How fast a student completes all of the answers in a test
How many answers a student gets correct on a test
How long a tantrum lasts
In behavior analysis, graphs are usually displays of (choose the best answer):
The form of a behavior
Repeated measures of a behavior
Why behavior occurs.
An purpose for graphing would be:
Helping to detect trends in the data
Looking at the values of a number of data points at the same time
Comparing data from one time period to another
All of the answers given