Strategic Alternatives


The ABA Program Companion is a manual for teams designing ABA programs for children with autism. It contains detailed discussions on many topics such as:

- Organizing a program

- Running Discrete Trials

- Implementing a Comprehensive Language Program

- Inclusion

- Social Skills Training

It also includes a CD-ROM entitled THE CONSULTANT'S COMPANION which contains 523 goals in 54 curriculum areas (based on the curriculum in A Work in Progress) and helps users easily choose goals, keep track of progress, print out results, and keep mastered lists.

Published by DRL Books, Inc. it is available through various booksellers including, Barnes & Noble, etc. but I recommend that you visit Julie Azuma's wonderful website: It has many books (including The ABA Program Companion) and resources for setting up programs for students with autism, PDD, and Asperger's Syndrome.